Jason Keith Jewellery Essex

Handmade Wedding & Engagement Rings in London

There are plenty of wedding and engagement ring design houses in London and the surrounding counties, but we’re certain that none are able to offer the same commitment and professional level of service as Jason Keith.

As a seasoned jewellery designer with his own studio just outside of the capital, Jason has created a wide range of stunning handmade engagement rings and wedding rings for clients in London and across the UK. He has an incredible eye for detail and is praised by clients for his immaculate engravings, and it’s this exceptional feedback that has helped him build an unrivalled reputation for his elegant bespoke designs in London and beyond.

Choosing the Perfect Design for Your Loved One

Here at Jason Keith Jewellery, we understand that designing your own wedding or engagement ring may seem like a real challenge. Because all of our rings are handmade at our studio near London, the choices available to you are virtually endless – we are able to take your ideas on board and use our expert knowledge and design skills to craft a piece that represents your marriage and complements your partner.

Working to your own specifications, we can help you choose each design element of your ring, including its setting, its material and, most importantly, its stone. Most couples prefer to mount traditional diamonds in their wedding or engagement ring, though coloured gemstones, birthstones and pearls are becoming increasingly popular. You could also choose to have a set of words or a certain pattern engraved into the gold or platinum to ensure the ring is truly one of a kind.

It can be difficult to know where to start, but Jason and his team always recommend taking inspiration from your partner’s own personality and sense of style. If you’re designing your rings as a couple, be sure to talk about your preferences and be open and honest about what you like. After all, you’ll be wearing these bands for a long time to come! If you’re going to surprise your partner with a bespoke wedding or engagement ring, try to gauge an understanding of the colours and designs that he or she tends to favour. Take a look at their existing jewellery collection to determine whether or not to go for a larger, more eye-catching design or something more understated.

Get In Touch With Jason Keith for More Information

Contact Jason for professional advice and a free design consultation. Though our company specialises in bespoke handmade engagement and wedding rings, we also have an extensive range of pieces that have already been made. Simply visit the Products section to view our selection.