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Two Tone Wedding Ring

Two Tone Bands and How My Process works

Meeting the Client. 

I met my client at a Wedding Fayre I was exhibiting at recently. They wanted to make a wedding ring using the gold from a wedding ring that belonged to a family member. I explained that this was defiantly possible and we should set up a meeting. The ring they wanted to use had been in the family for a long time and was old and warn. I explained we could create something that incorporates the old wedding ring but with a new platinum band for it to sit on.

Putting Pen to Paper.

Its not always known straight away what they really want in the way of a wedding ring. So we start by showing samples and examples of weddings to see what they do like and what they don’t. Once I had a good understanding of what they liked I could then draw out a sketch to show them the deign I had in mind for them, a Two Tone Wedding ring. We came up with creating a wedding ring that sits on a wedding ring.


I started by making up the 7mm wide platinum band that would sit under gold band. We then channeled out a groove in the platinum band for the new reformed gold band to sit into. I always feel a sense of gratitude and pride when a customer asks me to make something new from a piece of jewellery that has a history to it. The metal in the ring has such sentimental value. It was a pleasure to make it for them.

Showing the Client. 

They loved what we had created for them. Incorporating an old wedding ring and making something new that he can wear with the knowledge that there is still a history to it and now a new chapter.