The 4ct Diamond Ring.

The Diamond Ring process and How it works.

Meeting the Client.

So Ive been meaning to put this on for a little while, I made this beautiful 4ct diamond cushion cut ring for such a lovely client recently.

A few months ago I was approached to make a diamond ring. This was no ordinary ring however. My client knew exactly what they were after. A 4ct Cushion cut diamond set with 4 claws into a handmade bespoke mount with 2x tapered baguette diamonds sitting either side. They had been into various different shops to find something they wanted. After searching for some length of time they came to me to see if I could create what they wanted. With such a size of stone I explained that it could possibly take a little longer to source a stone thats right for them as it was such a specific size and quality they were after.

Sourcing and Drawing up Designs.

I first set about sourcing a diamond that was of the best quality for the budget they had. After a while of looking at different stones of various sizes and quality I found the perfect stone for them. Great colour and quality and on budget. Once I’d shown my client I had the go ahead straight away. I set about drawing up a design for the ring. This would include showing what the ring might look like from different sides with a few variations in the style of mount.

Making and Setting.

I then made a silver copy of the ring so I could show my client exactly what the ring would look like before it was created in platinum. When this was approved I could then cast my design in platinum. Once the cast was back I set about cleaning up the rough cast and getting it hallmarked. I then marked up and pierced out the ring ready for the round brilliant cut diamonds set round the shank. I then set the diamonds and the rest is history. From start to finish I loved making this ring.

Showing my Client.

As soon as I showed my client they fell in love with it. It was such a pleasure, and I feel proud to have made it for them.

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Set

I was approached recently to make an Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring set, so my client and I got to work discussing designs and material. It was soon clear that this would be a piece to bring back memories. ¬†This Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring set I recently made has been a real love story for me. This style of ring was one of my first sets I made all those years ago, so I jumped at the chance to make another. I remember the constant fear of mistake that almost overwhelmed me. Now almost 10 years on I get to create another. I’ve made many other Engagement ring and wedding ring sets over the years but this style, in its simplicity bears real significance to me and my work. Set with 2cts of round brilliant cut diamonds in total to create a set that will sparkle beyond expectation. It’s made from Platinum, so this Piece will have the durability to last a life time. A classically delicate ring I’ve loved making and hope to make many more!

Platinum Diamond Halo Engagement ring and Wedding ring set.

Beautiful Platinum Diamond Engagement ring and wedding set. Over 1.5ct of diamonds set in to the engagement ring alone. The setting for this ring has been carefully crafted to let as much light through the 1.2ct Princess cut centre diamond as possible. The wedding ring has been made to fit perfectly next to the engagement ring in the exact same style. This is one of my favourite pieces.

Diamond Shotgun Tie Bar

I was commissioned to make this bespoke handmade Diamond Shotgun Tie Bar as a present for a 60th Wedding anniversary. Over 10 Handmade parts carefully pieced together to create a special piece for a very special client.